Why, The Dabbler?

Tymarcus Ragland

I, Tymarcus Ragland – am the writer under the pen name The Dabbler.

Initially I thought it would be cool to pretend I had some cryptic identity, and I’ve quickly canned that idea. However, I am still intrigued with the idea of writing under a pen name…here’s why.

The act of writing is comprised of many layers. By that I mean that the work of the author, in some sense, is simultaneously his own and borrowed. While he holds the pen, the breadth of humanity provide the images, themes and stories to be crafted and given away.

Thus, every essay, poem or story you find here will have a touch of me and us.The Dabbler can be who he needs to be to get the truth across, and I can get out of the way when necessary.

I hope you enjoy this creative experiment. Blessings!

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